The life span of a football supporter

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Football

There’s a scene in the film Notes on a Scandal in which Judi Dench’s character says: “My father followed Charlton and it never seemed to give him much pleasure”. Now, my immediate and obvious reaction to this was: “Charlton, LOLZ!”, but Dench’s line is applicable to most people who support teams other than the small group of rich, successful, dubiously-financed, clubs. However, the lifetime of disappointment, ridicule and frustration is more than compensated for by the occasional days when everything clicks and it briefly feels like you support the best team in the world.

I actually depressed myself a bit drawing this – especially the last panel, featuring worms mocking the rotting corpse of our hero. Still, anyone who wears a replica shirt to the pub kind of brings it on themself.

Apologies for not posting any new stuff for a while; I’ve been pretty occupied doing stuff for the excellent, who have been kind enough to ask me to take on the illustration of their online comic ‘Mungo’. It’s a real honour to be asked to take it on. You can see my first two episodes here and here. If you have time, I’d also encourage you to sit down and read the entire back catalouge, created by the frighteningly talented Dotmund.

  1. Great stuff as ever. I love the details like bumfluff moustache and the sponsors (what do investment banks get out of sponsoring football clubs?)

  2. Sure you’re a fan of an oil rich club…
    You forgot the panel in which he is happy because he is in the stadium and his team scores, or when it eat or drink with all other fans of his club..
    You depicted a loser inside, even a 10th division fan always is happy and proud about the support of his team

  3. vipermagix says:

    Absolutely excellent. Do go on.

  4. Absolute genius!
    As a Sunderland supporter in a Melburnian office where supporting Liverpool or Arsenal is considered to be cheering on an underdog I can really empathise with this.
    So far my life has been accurately depicted by panels 1-7, I can only hope that neither of my kids will want an ‘Oil Rich Club’ replica shirt come Christmas time…

  5. […] This fantastic cartoon strip by David Squires on his blog ‘The Sunshine Room’ does perhaps more than any words could to summing up the life of a football fan of a club that isn’t one of the rich ones winning everything every year. […]

  6. joe williams says:

    One of the funniest, yet most tragic cartoons ever, I sometimes feel privillaged that my club, Hull City, has at least spent 2 years at the top table and after slumming it in the depths of the old division 3 I can relate to all the tiles, being mocked by people who support a ‘top’ club despite living and growing up hundreds of miles from them…..all it takes is the occasional glory of a win or promotion and the rest of it seems irrelevant.

  7. […] Filomena, Brendan Kiefer, Matthew Alker, Darren Shaddick, Will Elliot,  James Hunter, David Squires and Eric […]

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