Some Cartoons About Australian Football (aka Soccer)

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

As some of you may know, I live in Australia. Famously, there are lots of nice things about living here. Two of those nice things are:

  1. A vibrant football culture
  2. A political class than provides a cornucopia of comic material. Seriously, cartoonists here can’t draw quickly enough.

I tried to combine both in a series of cartoons I produced for The Guardian Australia towards the end of the last A-League season.

Firstly, this cartoon was a result of the startling news that Kevin Muscat had been named as captain of the A-League ‘Team of the Decade’. Thankfully, this is only a ceremonial title, so Kev won’t get the chance to break anyone’s shins:

muscat v2

To be fair to Muscat, he did manage to steer/terrify his Melbourne Victory side to the A-League Grand Final, where they would face Sydney FC:

grand final

Melbourne Victory cruised to a 3-0 win in the final, but Sydney could console themselves with a pair of high-profile friendlies against Spurs and Chelsea:

Sydney friendlies

The new A-League season starts up in October, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a few more of these, if only to relieve the pressure on overworked local cartoonists.

  1. Presto says:

    David, you are the best thing in Australian media.
    You have me laughing everytime you put pen to paper,
    Thanks so much.

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