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Books. Everyone loves them, right? Just look at all the people who sit on public transport with their noses buried in a book; mobile phones discarded at the bottom of their bags. It’s the perfect time to publish a book and to base your financial security on the ongoing rude health of the print industry, so that’s what I’ve flipping well done.


As the title imaginatively suggests, the book looks back at the history of football, over the course of 90 cartoons (one for every minute of the next England game, if you’re a fast reader). It’s out in the shops on 3rd November and you can pre-order a copy from Amazon or, if you don’t fancy paying a delivery fee, via The Book Depository.

I’ve already put a deposit down for a swimming pool, so please buy it.

How T-shirts are designed in 2011

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Other

I’ve noticed a trend in recent years for high street fashion stores to produce clothing that features the name of a city, a number, a year, and a thing. I was inspired to draw this cartoon a couple of months ago, following a fruitless shopping trip.

Thankfully, I was off my tits on a cocktail of prescription painkillers, so was at least able to derive some pleasure from standing in the aisles of a popular Australian retailer (it was Cotton On) and giggling at their ridiculous T-shirts; my favourite being one that simply read: “Amsterdam and Barcelona”.