How T-shirts are designed in 2011

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Other

I’ve noticed a trend in recent years for high street fashion stores to produce clothing that features the name of a city, a number, a year, and a thing. I was inspired to draw this cartoon a couple of months ago, following a fruitless shopping trip.

Thankfully, I was off my tits on a cocktail of prescription painkillers, so was at least able to derive some pleasure from standing in the aisles of a popular Australian retailer (it was Cotton On) and giggling at their ridiculous T-shirts; my favourite being one that simply read: “Amsterdam and Barcelona”.

  1. Simon says:

    Top work Squires.

    I like the ones that just say something like ‘seven’ on them. Fuck yeah; SEVEN!

  2. Will Collins says:

    Love it. I have always wondered how it’s done, now I know. I even saw one that read simply ‘ I love Swindon Town FC’ I mean, what?

  3. Funny comic! It inspired me to create a little t-short generator

  4. batistebieler says:

    Funny comic, it inspired to create this little HTML5 T-Shirt generator

  5. squiro says:

    Thanks so much, Batiste! That is amazing!

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