I started The Sunshine Room in 2011 but have been working as a freelance illustration on and off for almost 20 years.

A lot of my other work takes the form of full colour paintings, but for this blog, I wanted to create cartoons that I could make quickly and share with my friends. The site is called The Sunshine Room because I work from a desk set up in the brightest room in my flat. And yeah, the content of the cartoons is often a quite dark; so y’know, irony.

You’ve probably noticed that most of my cartoons are about football, but I do have a few scattered throughout the site that focus on other topics. I’ve got one about T-shirts, for example. Cartoonists have a responsibility to tackle the big issues, you see.

From the 2014/15 football season, I have been fortunate enough to produce a weekly football-related cartoon for The Guardian newspaper and you can see those cartoons here. I also create a weekly cartoon for Guardian Australia and my work has also appeared in The Second Captains Annual (by The Irish Times), When Saturday Comes, Mundial Magazine and respected international publications like 11 Freunde (Germany) and Abola (Portugal). My work has also been displayed in Bilbao, as part of Athletic Club’s exhibition of football cartoons and at the Sports Museum at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

In 2016, my first book was published by Random House: ‘The Illustrated History of Football”, you can read more about that here. I’m currently working on the follow-up, which will be out in November 2017, as long as the human race lasts that long.

Anyway, thanks for dropping in for a look.


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  1. Hanif Khan says:

    Well done David, your work never ceases to make me laugh, but more importantly it makes me think. Carry on!

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