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Books. Everyone loves them, right? Just look at all the people who sit on public transport with their noses buried in a book; mobile phones discarded at the bottom of their bags. It’s the perfect time to publish a book and to base your financial security on the ongoing rude health of the print industry, so that’s what I’ve flipping well done.


As the title imaginatively suggests, the book looks back at the history of football, over the course of 90 cartoons (one for every minute of the next England game, if you’re a fast reader). It’s out in the shops on 3rd November and you can pre-order a copy from Amazon¬†or, if you don’t fancy paying a delivery fee, via The Book Depository.

I’ve already put a deposit down for a swimming pool, so please buy it.

As some of you may know, I live in Australia. Famously, there are lots of nice things about living here. Two of those nice things are:

  1. A vibrant football culture
  2. A political class than provides a cornucopia of comic material. Seriously, cartoonists here can’t draw quickly enough.

I tried to combine both in a series of cartoons I produced for The Guardian Australia towards the end of the last A-League season.

Firstly, this cartoon was a result of the startling news that Kevin Muscat had been named as captain of the A-League ‘Team of the Decade’. Thankfully, this is only a ceremonial title, so Kev won’t get the chance to break anyone’s shins:

muscat v2

To be fair to Muscat, he did manage to steer/terrify his Melbourne Victory side to the A-League Grand Final, where they would face Sydney FC:

grand final

Melbourne Victory cruised to a 3-0 win in the final, but Sydney could console themselves with a pair of high-profile friendlies against Spurs and Chelsea:

Sydney friendlies

The new A-League season starts up in October, so hopefully I’ll be able to do a few more of these, if only to relieve the pressure on overworked local cartoonists.


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Welcome to my new cartoon blog, The Sunshine Room. Over the coming months I’ll be adding comics and illustrations on the subjects of football, life and everything (but yeah, mostly football). I’ll try my best to update the blog once a week until such point that I either get bored or thrown off a bridge by one of Roman Abramovich’s henchmen (you’ll see what I mean).