Bullshit Rodeo

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Football

Bullshit Rodeo





  1. Bless you, you’re back. Keep drawing.

  2. Chedgzoy, S says:


  3. ian_p says:

    genius – made my day.

  4. Brilliant! That’s modern football in a nutshell

  5. puddleglum121 says:

    All too true I’m afraid. Brilliant cartoon.

  6. KarlheinzRiedle says:

    The reanimated corpse of Klaus Barbie sold it for me.

  7. […] out there bidding for the ‘worse owner’ trophy, as illustrated beautifully in this excellent David Squires cartoon. […]

  8. adam edwards says:

    Somebody’s been keeping tabs on Cardiff City FC?

  9. […] I loved Roy Of The Rovers as a kid too, which of course has Melchester Rovers. It was a natural progression to eventually do something similar on Twitter. The thing which influenced me most to make it satirical rather than realistic was the David Squires cartoon ‘Bullshit Rodeo’, which I think is the finest piece of footbal…. […]

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