North London Curiosity

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Football

I’m not entirely sure what I’m trying to say with this cartoon, but I think I’m suggesting that Harry Redknapp has a scrotum under his chin and within the folds of that scrotum can be seen the face of Arsene Wenger. Yep, that sounds about right.

Of course, this North London testicular jolity is merely a vehicle for me to direct you towards episodes five and six in the latest adventures of the world’s most inept footballer, Mungo McCrackas. There are only three more episodes left until the end of the season, after which I’ll be spending more time working on comics for long-neglected Sunshine Room.  Like you care.

  1. Willie1Foot says:

    Oh dear… not sure I’ll be able to look ‘Arry in the jowls ever again….

  2. doug/D2G says:

    This is so funny, caught me off guard. I read your tweet (will we ever sound cool saying that) about scrotums on cheeks and it still got me.

  3. Simon Hockey says:


  4. Brilliant. Will I ever be able to look at these 2 men in the same way?

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