Swindon Town appoint Paolo Di Canio

Posted: July 24, 2011 in Football

I’ve calmed down a bit since I drew this cartoon  My mood has changed from righteous indignation to morbid curiosity.

Admitedly, this cartoon will have fairly limited appeal, as it requires some understanding of the local geography of Swindon and a knowledge of what the board members of Swindon Town look like (take it from me, these caricatures are 100% accurate and in no way did I just take a wild guess at their appearance and in the hope that no-one does a google image search, oh no).

  1. dglh says:

    Who are Swindon Town? Nice work BDG.

  2. Rob Maynard says:


    Rob M., Atlanta GA.

  3. […] Saturday Comes magazine predicts us a 4th place finish this season, Town fan and top cartoonist (this still makes me smile) David Squires provides an amusing pen picture to the team, summing up the combustible nature of […]

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